Episode 3 - The Runaway

Synopsis: Oscar Salazar (Jason J. Perez) is a man of faith, yet as a youth growing up with a single mother (Sandra Jimenez) with a not so clean past, and in a difficult neighborhood, led Oscar to end up in prison. Now being a recent ex-con is only one of the challenges he faces in his new life. With a family to provide for and temptation lurking around the corner as Claudius (Robert Hawke) the man he went to prison for, offers him the world, Oscar finds himself wondering about the true worth and meaning of being a Christian and running away from everything he knows, or so he thinks.

Interview with Humberto

Cast Photos

Jason J. Perez

Laura Gonzalez

Trey Dominguez

Juliana Russell

Kaylee Warner

Humberto Garza

Bruce Peacock

Nguyen Stanton

Isaac Sierra

Sandra JImenez

Robert Hawke

Carlos Ecaymuzquiz

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