Episode 1 - The Garden

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Unconditional Love - Episode 1: The Garden

Synopsis: Dr. Olga Carson (Rebecca Moore) is on the verge of darkness, resentment, pain, and hidden anger. When tragedy strikes, she feels completely powerless, and as she exits the hospital in order to vent out her anger and frustration, she comes face to face with a stranger (Jeremy Torgerson) that will cause a change of a lifetime.

Cast: Rebecca Moore, Jeremy Torgerson
Leah Murthy, Ron Hill, Sean McCants
with Amanda Lauren Sasser, Kim Sheffield-Hill
and Carlos Santos as Alex.
Introducing Ariya Murthy as "Bobby"

Meet the Episode Cast... Watch Interviews... and More!

Unconditional Love - Episode 2: The Crossroad

Synopsis: Ernesto (Daniel Garcia) is at a crossroad in life as nothing he does seems to amount to anything. While contemplating suicide, a phone call from his mother sends him on his way to more than he expected, it sets him on the path to more than just enlightenment, it puts him face to face with Truth Himself.

Cast: Daniel Garcia, Jeremy Torgerson 
Natasha Hawke, Robert Hawke with Joel Gutierrez
introducing: Christa Cardenas as Sandra

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Unconditional Love - Episode 3: The Runaway

Synopsis: Oscar Salazar (Jason J. Perez) is a man of faith whom as a youth growing up with a single mother with a not so clean past, and in a difficult neighborhood, lead Oscar to end up in prison. Now being a recent ex-con is only one of the challenges he faces in his new life. With a family to provide for, Oscar finds himself wondering about the true worth and meaning of being a Christian; and when Claudius (Robert Hawke), his old crime boss, and man he went to prison for, offers him the world, Oscar finds himself between a rock and a hard place and running away from everything he knows or so he thinks.

Cast: Jason J. Perez, Jeremy Torgerson 
Laura Gonzalez, Trey Dominguez, Julianna Russell    
& Kaylee Warner
with: Nguyen Stanton, Isaac Sierra, Humberto Garza, 
Carlos Ecaymuzquiz   and: Robert Hawke as "Claudius"
introducing: Bruce Peacock as "Troy" 
and Sandra Jimenez as "Magdalena Salazar".

Upcoming episodes...

Unconditional Love - Episode 4: The Investigator

Synopsis:Ben Richardson became a miracle/phenomena investigator at the death of his mother who fell for the schemes of a “preacher” con artist; yet now the untimely death of his wife and daughter turn his world upside down. Hoping to know more about the afterlife, he decides to interview John Paulson, a man that came back from the dead, thus leading Ben to face what he knows, what he thinks he knows, and the truth.

Unconditional Love - Episode 5: The Road Home

Synopsis: Michael and Lisa, are a young couple that is going through a difficult time in their marriage due to doubt, turmoil, and secrets. When Michael’s father, Pastor Jeremiah Stevens’ life is threatened and left hanging in the balance due to a run in with Greco, a local crime boss, Michael forces his wife and daughter to leave town. With the bad guys in pursuit and their car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, it will take a miracle from God to save andrestore their lives.

Unconditional Love - Episode 6: The Second Chance

Synopsis: Eva is a young woman with dreams, aspirations, and her whole life ahead of her just as everyone else, yet she feels trapped by the routine of life and sanctity of her relationship with both God and her boyfriend. So when the promise of love and more from another man appears, she enters a different life setting which ultimately sends her spiraling into a world of darkness. Now faced a with life or death situation, she will have to run to survive and she will have to choose if trusting Jesus, is enough.