About Us

Carlos Ecaymuzquiz,

Series Director

Cristy Ecaymuquiz,

Series Creator

Jeremy Torgerson,

Star Actor

Unconditional Love The Christian Miniseries, is produced by Rookie Films Christian Motion Picture Compay and by Ministerio Shalom a 501(c)(3) Non profit organization. Rookie Films, was founded in 2010 by father and daughter team, Carlos and Cristy Ecaymuzquiz.

About Us

Carlos, is a Reverend Minister going on 38 years in the ministry for the Lord. His dream was always to become a film director and so when the Lord lead him and opened the doors to start a film company with the purpose of reaching souls for the kingdom of God, he did not hessitate. He has written 2 of the 6 episodes (The Investigator and The Second Chance), co-wrote 1 episode with Cristy (The Road Home), and is the series' main director and executive producer; he's also has cameos throughout the series if you look close enough, yet his role as Pastor Hernandez in episode 3 - The Runaway, is most noticeable.

Cristy, is a 2012 Graduate from The University of Texas Pan American with a BA in Theatre. She has been in the ministry for 28 years and is studying to get her masters in Theology. She is the series' creator, writer, and occasional co-director.

About The Star

Jeremy, is a financial advisor / veteran actor and native of the state of Colorado. He had left theatre plays and acting all together after he was married to his wife Kari, yet the insistence of his daughter Sarah, he decided to give acting another try... only to get cast as Jesus, the only recurring role in all 3 episodes of the Unconditional Love Christian Miniseries. Being 10 years older than the "actual physical age" of Jesus, he felt flattered and somewhat unworthy but was thrilled to be part of this life changing series. He is now currently living with his family in Colorado.

About The Miniseries

Unconditional Love was originally a "10 minute break up scene" done for a university cinematography class, and even though the story for the scene was done in the Fall of 2010, the story idea of the series was born from the outcome of that scene and was kept in the mind of the producers since then and has only until now started to become a reality. And that break up scene went on to receive "Best Poetic" audience award at the W.I.L.D. (Writers In Literary Discussion) in May of 2013. Still working with local resources yet this time Rookie Films has had the privilege to work with both local and non local novice and veteran actors. It has been rated Faith Friendly for ages 12+ by the Dove Foundation with 3 of 5 doves.

About The Company

Rookie Films has done a total of 4 films (The devil doesn't scare me, The Story of a Thief, When God created Mothers, and Escaping Darkness (coming soon) ) in Spanish and 2 short films (A Voice From Hell and The Swindle) in English, working with local talent and resources until the Miniseries which  expanded the talent base from local, in the Rio Grande Valley, to non local from parts of North Texas and beyond.

*A special presentation of the miniseries was done on May 28th, 2016 at The Border Theatre in Mission Texas, all who attended the event, gave their lives to Christ that night.

*Rookie Films, will be doing 3 feature film "spin-offs" of the series...

Photos of the after event...

Director Carlos and star actor, Jeremy.

Actors Isaac Sierra and Jeremy, talk after the event...

Jeremy, and series creator Cristy.

Yes, they have a sense of humor :)