- About The Miniseries -

Unconditional Love is a Christian Miniseries comprised of 3 episodes. Each episode covers a different topic and has a different character lead, yet in each circumstance every character has a modern day, face to face encounter, with Jesus Christ.

Each episode is different and unique. The series covers a variety of topics and answers questions through biblical principals, Christian theology, and Christian apologetics. The series strives to stay true to the word of God and the pure and sound doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have you ever wondered how to minister to your fellow friends and or family members who simply don’t want to go to church? Have you tried countless times to say something about your faith but simply find yourself at a loss for words or fear antagonizing questions? Time and again people have proven over the years that they would much rather prefer to watch T.V. or a Movie rather than hang out at a bible study or go to Sunday school. Yet, where there is a will there is a way. In the word of God we read that God, wants no one to perish but to proceed to repentance thus escaping the condemnation of sin and death; yet how do you get that message across to your friend or loved one without running the risk of them not hearing you out? That's where the Unconditional Love Christian Miniseries, comes in.

Now Available to own on DVD and VOD

Episode 1: The Garden

Episode 2: The Crossroad

Episode 3: The Runaway


We'd like to invite you to check out Rookie Films' newest short film featuring Sean McCants, and Rebecca Moore from episode 1 - The Garden, in THE SWINDLE!

Synopsis: Daniel (Sean McCants) decides to leave home one night after thinking that he's had enough of his family's religious talk. What seems to be just another night out with friends turns out to be something more dangerous, which will lead him to the discovery of the answer to the age old question of the existence of Hell.